Congo Equipment, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), recently completed a unique assembly project for the 6020B hydraulic excavator. This project is a testament to the expertise and know-how of Congo Equipment's service team.

Initially scheduled to take 44 days, the project was modified to 24 calendar days to meet the customer's specific requirements. Technicians from the Kolwezi and Lubumbashi service teams worked day and night at Kishiba, on the ERG-Frontier mine near Sakania, to complete this arduous task.

The main priority was to satisfy the customer and meet his requirements. Thanks to everyone's efforts and participation, the project was a success. Despite the many challenges encountered, Congo Equipment is proud to have once again delivered a reliable and trustworthy product to a satisfied customer.

This assembly of the 6020B hydraulic shovel is helping to improve mining in the DRC. By collaborating with key players in the mining sector, Congo Equipment continues to innovate and provide effective solutions to meet customer needs and support the development of the Congolese mining industry.

Through projects like this one, Congo Equipment demonstrates its commitment to technical excellence and customer satisfaction. The company is proud to participate in the advancement of the mining industry in the DRC, and looks forward to taking on new challenges in the future.