Aftermarket Product Support
Aftermarket Product Support

Nearly 500 technicians, regularly trained within the framework of individualized programs, assist you at every stage of your project. Congo Equipment supports you in the acquisition of your equipment: site study, recommendation, commissioning...

For the maintenance and repair of your machines, Congo Equipment offers a wide range of services, from one-off repairs to the most comprehensive service contracts:

  • Periodic inspections
  • Preventive analyses: monitoring of your fleet, oil analysis, contamination control, etc.
  • Full service contract: maintenance & repair
  • Staff secondment
  • Machine operator training
  • Recruitment, career development and training of technicians

All our agencies have workshops that meet “Caterpillar contamination control” standards. For your specific needs, specialized services are offered, such as making hoses, reconditioning components and machines, testing components, or the undercarriage service.

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Wherever you are, our teams of professionals can intervene. Our service of mobile technicians travels directly to your site to check your machinery and to make the necessary repairs that are possible, while guaranteeing the highest level of quality.

  • MACHINERY INSPECTION When acquiring machinery and equipment from Congo Equipment, we offer you a technical sales agent 'Product Sales and Service Representative' to bring you the best support in order to make your machines profitable.
Customer support programs

The effective preventive maintenance program is one of the most cost-effective methods of ensuring the optimal functioning of your machine parks. We can offer you a personalized Preventive Maintenance program, which you can manage yourself, using the spare parts kits that correspond to your unique and specific needs.

If necessary, you can always call on our certified and experienced technicians to carry out this project, at reduced cost, on your site or in your workshops. Our fully equipped vehicles, driven by our technicians, manage and solve thousands of problems each year, allowing you to significantly reduce production stoppages, and let your teams focus on their daily tasks and responsibilities. Our experts are here to help you achieve your goals, minimizing the risks associated with the operation of the machines.

Training department

The Congo Equipment Training department specializes in driving training, machine maintenance and repair, with courses designed according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
The department is in charge of the continuous training of Congo Equipment teams, sister subsidiaries and customers who express the need for it, with the aim of constantly upgrading and developing their knowledge and know-how.

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