Mining & quarrying
Mining & quarrying

The demand for minerals has never been so strong in all of our history. Global development and rapid urbanization lead to a continuous increase in the need for minerals, metals and coal. The coming decades should see a significant increase in energy consumption, which will only increase the importance of issues of supply, safety, cost and environmental impact.

To meet the growing demand for raw materials, mining companies need partners to support them. These partners must understand the key issues of the mining sector, such as safety, sustainability and productivity, but must also have the equipment, solutions and technologies to carry out their activities.

Congo Equipment and Caterpillar are committed to being these partners. We offer the widest range of surface and underground mining equipment in the industry, complemented by the skills of our employees and our infrastructure to meet all needs in all mining regions of the world.

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With nearly 500 technicians, regularly trained as part of individualized programs, who assist you at every stage of your project, Congo Equipment supports you in the acquisition of your equipment and for the maintenance and repair of your machines.

Congo Equipment offers a wide range of services, from occasional repairs to the most comprehensive service contracts. Our teams work in the workshop and on site. We also offer complete maintenance solutions and repair for simplified management of your equipment. In addition, wherever you are, we can intervene directly on your site thanks to our service of mobile technicians.