The Oil Analysis Laboratory is a maintenance-related service department to protect the performance and values ​​built into CAT equipment. The S•O•S SM Services program is a support for several branches such as: CRC, PSSR, Warranty, Store and Fields Service regarding lubrication which provides valuable information for better equipment management. Which department we oversee.

Collaborating with your S•O•S SM means understanding the simple process of fluid sampling and combining it with the analyzes presented in a clear and easy to understand, in order to have not only optimized performance of the equipment, but also better control of maintenance costs.

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Reliability of your fluid analyzes

Our excellent reputation is based on the reliability of the analyzes of your fluids thanks to sophisticated chemistry combined with the latest technologies to reveal excessive wear, contaminated oils or other problems related to the lubrication of your equipment with the expertise of fellow analysts on my team to whom I take this opportunity to congratulate through this editorial.


The S•O•S (Schedule Oil Sampling) laboratory performs tests quickly and provides comprehensive, easy-to-understand maintenance advice in feedback. To achieve this objective, the S•O•S SM laboratory service provides information to the services carrying out the sampling, the sampling procedures and techniques to be carried out, in order to draw up a quality report.

The purpose of the S•O•S SM laboratory is to detect the state of wear and the phenomena that can cause abnormal wear of the internal parts and/or equipment failure, as well as collaboratively developing an adequate preventative maintenance program.

The S•O•S SM Services program is a mutual commitment to protect the performance and values ​​embedded in your equipment.