Caterpillar D9
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The cooling elements are individual beam modules connected to a divided lower water box. No upper tank to remove. The 9 standard diameter steel fins with reduced density limit clogging. Tubular brass structure in each beam for improved reliability. Other beam configurations are available as options for high ambient and high wear applications.


The transmission is equipped with high-capacity oil-cooled clutches that efficiently absorb energy changes in the direction of operation for smooth machine operation and more comfort for the user. The proprietary F37 clutch material extends the life of the clutch, especially if many maneuvers are necessary to maintain an optimal level of productivity. This material also limits transmission oil contamination compared to equipment used by other transmission manufacturers.


Maintenance can be performed without tilting the radiator guard. Each beam module can be replaced individually (without removing the complete radiator), which saves considerable time and money. To reduce the possibility of coolant leaks, the bronze tubes are welded to a large size. thick collector which reinforces the tube on the collector fitting.

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Emissions Optional U.S. EPA Tier 1 Equivalent
Note * Excludes all fan losses.
Engine Model Cat® 3408C
Fuel tank 889 l
Power Train 164 l
Weight* 1790 kg
Brakes Brakes meet the standard ISO 10265.
Available units 1